Sunday, April 18, 2010

93.2 One Night Stand

The night began with a pre-concert visit to the neighborhood "Five Guys". After arriving late to meet my friend at Five Guys we finally made our way over to Roseland Ballroom where DJ Earworm was the opening act. Lucky for us he was just who we wanted to see. After hearing the last of DJ Earworm's performance we decided to stick around for a little bit, it's Saturday Night in New York City would it really kill to hear a couple or bands play? Well it did following Mr.Earworm was Aaron Fresh who had perhaps one song worthy of a "google" once I reached home. But then my friends Orianthi came on. Pardon me if I had no prior knowledge of who she was but rest assured I now know who she is. While Orianthi can play the guitar there is no denying that she began her showing by playing four songs I had never heard of (mind you I had never heard of her either). It was not until she playing her fifth song "According to You" when I realized why the girls directly in front of us, who's skirts were much, much too short for them, were giving us glares every time my friend jeered at Madame Orianthi. Although, I am a teenage girl myself I am not a huge fan of self-help songs and even though I had heard "According to You" it didn't do it for me. Thus the night was capped off with us ditching Roseland and little the girls with too too short skirts slave over New Boyz and Jason Derulo.

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